P1LOT – Hallelujah Cover (Leonard Cohen)

The song “Hallelujah” was originally written and released by Leonard Cohen on his project Various Positions. Since then, the song has had countless covers of it performed by artists such as Jeff Buckley, John Cale and more. It has also been featured on many tv shows & movies like Shrek, which brought new life to the beautiful piece each time.

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

We might be biased, but we can safely say the newest rendition by P1LOT is heartfelt and emotional at a bare minimum. Check out P1LOT’s cover of Hallelujah below and leave us your thoughts. Be sure to share the video if you enjoyed.

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I'm a father, a musician, a purveyor in hope, an advocate in mental health and an eater of food. Like all the damn time. IG: storyofpilot www.p1lot.co

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