P1LOT – Smile. A song for anyone. Official music video here!

Today, after a month of hardcore grassroots style promotion, the music video to Smile is now here. Why should you care? This is a song written from a beautiful perspective that anyone can relate to and everyone can vibe to. Please, check it out for yourself and leave a comment with your thoughts on it.

Smile merch available now!

We’re really excited to announce that the new Smile merch collection is now available! “Smile” is about proudly expressing the authentic you and smiling through even the worst of times. Mix & match with bright, fun colors to fit your style. New song Smile by P1LOT drops Feb 28th. ✈

You can get them now at www.p1lot.co

Be sure to head to www.p1lot.co to grab the new Smile song, as well as the new Smile merch and more!

Video teaser for upcoming single Smile

Happy Sunday! Yesterday we shared the cover art and news that the latest P1LOT single Smile is being released on February 28th. Now, a new video teaser has been released and has already had an absolutely incredible early response on social media. Watch below and be sure to leave a comment!:


The P1LOT sound seems to be ever evolving and this is sounding like a great direction. Smile will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon and all major platforms on Feb 28th. Pre-save it now here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/p1lot/smile

The Alone Project – Mental Health Awareness

We’re re-introducing the P1LOT song “Alone” to everyone, as we believe that a timeless song is created when the artist writes about a timeless issue. In Alone, P1LOT has described the process of writing Alone as a saving moment when he was contemplating suicide while in a small garage that he had transformed into a studio recording space.

P1LOT – Alone music video

The video leaves a lot of room for interpretation of what it actually represents and what it all means. This was purposefully done as each viewer of the piece will have their own experience and own lens through which they conclude.

If you dig into the lyrics of the song, one theory is that P1LOT is the only one in the room. One other theory is that each person that takes a seat are real people recalling memories, or the “good” and “bad” which are interpreted by physical manifestations of the two main men that are conversing on the left & right of the person in the chair throughout the video.

What are your thoughts? Please share the Alone video.

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P1LOT – Hallelujah Cover (Leonard Cohen)

The song “Hallelujah” was originally written and released by Leonard Cohen on his project Various Positions. Since then, the song has had countless covers of it performed by artists such as Jeff Buckley, John Cale and more. It has also been featured on many tv shows & movies like Shrek, which brought new life to the beautiful piece each time.

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

We might be biased, but we can safely say the newest rendition by P1LOT is heartfelt and emotional at a bare minimum. Check out P1LOT’s cover of Hallelujah below and leave us your thoughts. Be sure to share the video if you enjoyed.

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P1LOT – Didn’t Know (official video)

The new P1LOT video “Didn’t Know” is now here and can be watched below, or directly on YouTube. We highly encourage you to leave a comment on YouTube & share on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to help support independent artistry.

The song is now available as a free download on https://soundcloud.com/storyofpilot/p1lot-didnt-know.

P1LOT “Didn’t Know”

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* New*P1LOT – Taken Back (Audio)

Listen to the brand new single Taken Back from P1LOT now!

Promised & delivered – P1LOT Taken Back is now here. Be sure to listen, share on your favorite social media and leave a comment! This one is sure to reach some ears.

Official audio video for “Taken Back” by P1LOT Beat produced by Mantra.

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New P1LOT single Taken Back drops Friday 1/10/20!

Then new P1LOT single "Taken Back" drops this Friday 1/10/20 on Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Amazon and all other major platforms.

The new P1LOT single Taken Back is releasing this Friday, 1/10/2020!

P1LOT takes you on a metaphorical roller-coaster as he tells the story of building a life with someone, then losing them and feeling the pain of it.

Make sure to pre-save the song on Spotify and other streaming platforms here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/p1lot/taken-back

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